World Cup 2006 - Rubys Diner, Houston Airport, USA

What would I have done without Rubys Diner, Houston Airport, USA. I have become totally addicted to the world cup, although it's not been as good as many previous tournaments, I have still enjoyed every moment. So departing the tropics of Belize on Tuesday was a wrench as I was flying across the Gulf of Mexico while Germany played Italy in the first semi-final. With my family in tow we negotiated the once paranoid US Customs and border Control at Houston Airport in a breeze, only to bump into Rubys Diner at the next turn. Burger and Chips and more Plasma screens than Dixons, we sat down to see the final overtime of the Italy v Germany game.

It wasn't ideal but the crowd that had slowly formed around the diner were enthralled by the action and with a distinctly Italian bias the roars of approval made me feel content to have found a snippet of action that I was resigned to missing.

France v Italy would definitely have not been my prediction after the group stage; in fact I had hardly taken any notice of the sides before the quarter finals.

Zidane is one of the most complete players I have seen. He is so comfortable with the ball and drifts though games with ease, yet stamps his class all over it. (when he is in the mood). I'm sure the Italians will be preparing to minimize his impact on the game. And who knows, after 7 tough games in just 4 weeks Zidane may be starting to feel the pace. Lets hope that the players can make this an epic final with lots of goals and a game worthy of the world cup final.

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