5 Years since 9/11

We moved to Belize 5 years ago today. Of course that coincides with the horrendous events in New York City, that has changed the world that we now live in.

I am no longer immersed in the media of the UK, but now feast on the news of the US which today (September 11th 2006) is subjected to the political shenanigans of it’s politicians trying to score political points on the back of the 9/11 tragedy.

We are all guilty of believing that our governments know what they are doing. That our politicians know their jobs. That our parents knew how to raise us as children. That our bosses at work know what’s good for us and that they know the way to proceed in their businesses. That our religious leaders are divinely inspired and know what they are talking about.

We are all guilty of handing over control of our lives to a 3rd party who we put our trust in and we are all continually let down by leaders who abuse their positions in power. We do not ask questions because we assume that someone else has done this for us. We assume that in government, checks are put in place to stop the abuse of power crazy leaders like George Bush and Saddam Hussein. We are wrong.

In Belize politicians of the government are continually sucking cash out of the country, . The local people have no idea that the Social Security funds that belong to them have been squandered by lawless politicians, that their government plays ping pong with the local Telecoms’ company BTL, which owns the monopoly on the Telecommunications business in Belize. For the cash benefit of a privileged few. That government cash funds and land set up to inspire local business and individuals to prosper are handed out to friends and family like free tickets to a concert.

Today, September 11th 2006, George Bush made another of his speeches for peace in his relentless way, referring to Iraq again and again on a day that had nothing to do with the Iraq war. Yet the American public has been hoodwinked into believing that the Iraq war is directly linked to the war on terror and the 9/11 attacks.

The American public has been badly let down by its government as has the British Public. Bush continually tells us that he wants peace before spending the majority of his speeches talking about war!!! I think a peace loving person would probably spend his time talking about making alliances, friends, relationships with other countries and not devoting the majority of his Christian inspired life fighting wars. As “Pink” recently sung, Bush has come “a long way since whisky and cocaine”.

I repeat again for anyone who does not understand what happened “There has been no provable connection between the former Iraqi regime and the 9/11 attacks”

And lets be real about this. If there was a connection, the US government would have moved heaven and earth to have found it and justify their war in Iraq.

So what the hell are the US/UK forces doing there?

We assume that our leaders know what’s best for us even when Israel bombs the crap out of Lebanon. All of the sane people of the world demand an immediate ceasefire. Apart from the US and the UK governments.

I do not know what inspires Tony Blair. But George Bush wears his faith on his sleeve. He insistently tells the world that he knows best. That he knows what these fanatical terrorists are going to do, if we don’t stop them. He tells his American public that the US has to bring the fight to the terrorists because him and his warmongers in the Pentagon know best. And the people all assume that their government does know best.

How does he know whats good for America? How does he know what these terrorists are going to do next? Is he a mind reader? If he knows what these terrorists are going to do why didn't he stop the attacks in the first place.

We live in a crazy world where peoples’ perceptions of reality are manipulated so easily by media and by governments. Fanaticism or extremism or addiction or any other way you want to describe something just doesn’t work. We all need a healthy balance in life. We do not need our addictions or fanatical beliefs. So lets hope that the Muslim extremism and hatred for the West can be kept in check and eradicated. Lets hope that Bin Laden can be caught and tried for his crimes. Lets hope that George Bush can be caught and tried for his war crimes. And lets hope that after 1,000s of years of fighting we can finally learn to live together in a world that benefits us all.

And that our competitive tendencies and primitive tribal urges can be satisfied on the field of sport and not on the field of war.

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