Top 7 Football predictions for Premier League 2007/2008

As things stand in the Football transfer market and with just a few days to go to the start of the Premiership season this is where I see the Football title heading next year in 2007/2008.

  1. Manchester United
  2. Liverpool Football Club
  3. Chelsea Football Club
  4. Tottenham Hotspur
  5. Newcastle United Football Club (If they keep Owen Fit)
  6. Arsenal Football Club
  7. Sunderland (surprise package)

Alan Hansens predictions. (Chelsea FC)

Tevez signing for United gives them an undoubted attacking edge over all the other teams in an already formidable United line up and I see them going from strength to strength over this coming season. (Manchester United thrash Home Team Football Club 14-0). It will be very close but I think that even with my predicted sensational transfer of the season by Chelsea to lure Beckham back from the MLS (Beckhams Major League Football mistake), the title will be red this year.

Will Signing Carlos Tevez make Manchester United untouchable

And my pick for the Championship? :

  1. Charlton (see my seasons predictions for Charlton)
  2. West Bromwich Albion
  3. Southampton

Betting on Football

When I played professionally I used to have a little wager at the start of the Football season on who would win the various leagues. I would place a £100-£200 yankee bet at the local bookmakers which if it came in would bring a big return. Looking back now I believe that this was probably illegal and against the FA rules, but with all the corruption and scandal that is hitting the Leagues at the moment I doubt they would even bat an eyelid.

If I did win the 4 bet Yankee I would send a "friend" to pick up the winnings in case I was spotted by an observant fan. I have just returned to the UK for a months break so I might re-ignite my pre-season ritual and make it to the bookmakers one last time.

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