Lucas has been accompanying me on pick ups to the airport and has also been charging around the Jungle Dome with the local kids causing mayhem. You can almost hear the silence in this picture.

I had been getting very concerned about how we were going to cope with the birth of our new baby, due to the lack of any family members to help us here in Belize. Living in a another country is exciting and never dull, but the support that most of us get from living close to family members is something that you don't appreciate until its gone.

I have been used to living on my own or just with Simone for a long time. But when you have children you really do need a lot more help.

With the Belize Jungle Dome bringing us lots of visitors every day it has been a tricky thing to juggle family and work commitments. However I am pleased to say that so far we have coped admirably. Simones mum was here for 10 days (just missed the birth) and her sister flew over from Aruba and was here to see Aidan born, which was a big help to us. Plus of course Karen has been almost running the Belize Jungle Dome in our absence.

We also see the return of Richie to Belize, who is planning on spending a few months out here again. Rich did the design for this website, and now we are going to work together on developing our main adventure travel website. We are going to re-name it Green Dragon Adventure Travel and change the look and feel of the site to a Travel Agent as opposed to our Belize Jungle Dome site. With over 1,000 hits every day it is a long overdue project.

My mum is coming soon in April and that will be great to have her with us for 1 month.

Richies brother John (the architect), has been staying with Karen at the Jungle Dome giving me time to relax in the metropolis of Belmopan with Simone, Lucas and Aidan. He has been overseeing the start of work for our new home next to the Dome. We are going to build a 3 bedroom house for our family.

It will be an interesting project as we try to make use of renewable energy to power the house. Plus catching rainwater to use for all our household needs. I have been studying renewable energy for quite sometime now and am excited about the opportunity to actually put into practice some of the techniques I have been studying. Living in the wilderness in Belize has inspired us to think about every aspect of our impact on the local environment and community. From how we work with our staff and treat them, to our power requirements, water collection, waste disposal etc etc.

It has always been my ambition to convert the Jungle Dome to using renewable energy but this will be a big project, with a substantial investment as we have to make sure that it works efficiently with the minimum of maintenance. So I guess our new house will be the testing ground for this project.

Our guests have all gone up to Caracol Mayan Temples today to visit the ancient site that sits on over 30 Sq miles of Jungle on the Belize/Guatemala border. We have 8 guests staying with us, 4 of them were the winners of our Scooby Doo Mayan Mayhem competition. They received free return flights from USA to Belize plus 8 nights and a bunch of Tours with us at the Belize Jungle Dome.

I wish I was able to write about football but as much as I try to sit down to watch a game, I just cannot find the time. I am also hoping to post part 4 of my ongoing article called "How to become a professional footballer - From Ashill to Arsenal" some time later this week. I should be able to finish off the stories of my career at Newcastle United, playing for Kevin Keegan, plus my transfer to West Bromwich Albion. I will try to be as frank as possible to give everyone an insight into what REALLY happens in a football transfer.

Adios amigos.

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