Football Blogs and Sports Websites

Football Blogs and Sports Websites

I have been trying to track down some of the top names in football and sports to see what websites/blogs they have. I'm quite surprised that the media marketing machines that back up these superstars have been so slow to secure their website domains or to develop their online presence. These players all have backlogs of great football action, goals, interviews and media attention.

With all the attention that Football is getting at the moment due to the corruption and scandals with Agents it might be interesting to analyze what Agents roles are. Old school media such as the printed newspaper and T/V are being transformed and converging with the new media such as Blogging, Podcasting and the Internet. With the ever increasing amount of Bandwith available for downloading on whatever device you like, it would make sense for any forward thinking Sports Agents and Marketing Companies to provide new media advice for their clients (footballers for example) rather than resting easily on their current lucrative fat pay cheques for brokering deals.

A glimpse at Rupert Murdochs, News Corporation (A giant of the Old School Media who own "The Sun", "The Times", "New York Post", "News of the World" and many other printed papers) recent acquisition of, the Social Networking phenomenon shows how old school media is waking up to the future.

Websites/Blogs from these players would make interesting reading for fans. Even the managers should be looking into this. They have a lot of relevant and interesting information that they could be putting out to the Sports World, especially after their retirement. While their careers are still in progress it can be a bit tricky to comment on other players, the team etc but certainly once a player or managers career has ended, it's a great opportunity to pass on their knowledge and stories to the fans. As many players/managers end up writing books, the web could be the perfect window to showcase or drip feed their stories into the media. - under development - domain is parked. No Site - It exists - Hats off to his advisors
Michael Owens Blog - World Cup Blog

Ronaldo - under development - Stolen!!

Ronaldinho - Great site
Ronaldinho Blog - World Cup Blog

Thierry Henry - Blog. Not sure whats going on here

Paul Gascoigne - Exists - Exists

Michaelschumacher - Exists - Exists - Great site. Well worth looking at!!

If you know of any other websites or blogs from Football players, Sports superstars or Athletes, click on the comments tab below and I will add it to the list.

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