Memorable Off Field Moments in a Professional Football players career

Memorable off field moments in Football

  1. Watching several of my team-mates chat up Transvestites in a Night Club in Florence, Italy after we had played against Fiorentina in the Anglo Italian Cup. They didn't know until we pointed out the bulges in their dresses. Cue scene from "Crying Game"

  2. Arriving on the team bus we were given the “v” sign and wa**er sign by a dad and his 2 sons (probably 6 & 8 years old) on arrival at Oxford United. Makes you wonder what the Dad is telling his kids at home

  3. Guerilla warfare at a Sunderland vs Newcastle United game. In a pub at 7am on derby day between Sunderland and Newcastle United. A fleet of cars full of well oiled fans, me, Steve Watson, Robbie Elliott and Alan Thompson (none of us in the team and none of us drinking I hasten to add) departs Newcastle for the derby day game against Sunderland. After parking the cars, a barrage of stones, bricks and any other debris come flying over walls as Sunderland fans locate us. Rapid organisation by our crew keeps us out of trouble and we negotiate our way to the stadium to watch the match. Very scary and not something I would like to repeat

  4. As a kid, being stuck behind a fence with my brother Ian and my Dad, exiting the Norwich City stadium after playing Stoke. Bricks, insults and anything else being hurled at each other. Being stuck in the middle of a North East fans battle was scary but this was worse

  5. Repetitive Mobile phone abuse by a Wolves fan, who somehow found out my Telephone number when I was a West Bromwich Albion player. Had to change my number

  6. Being spotted for the first time abroad on holiday in Ibiza, and signing an autograph for a West Bromwich Albion Fan. Good for the ego

  7. Another Ego boost, seeing my name on teletext for the first time

  8. Meeting a drunk Jim Davidson with my Dad (Jim is his hero) in the Charlton players lounge. Having to ask for Jims autograph for my Dad because he was too shy

  9. Standing in the tunnel at Charlton Athletic Football Club with my Grandad as Alan Shearer, Bobby Robson and the rest of the team came trotting out. Have you ever seen an 80 year old man become a little boy again. My Grandad was in awe. I wasn’t playing as I retired the previous year but it made me realize what a great job I used to have

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