Top 7 Premier League Football Players from 2006/2007

The Fink Tank Predictor provides Forecasts and Ranking systems for Professional Football Clubs in Europe. It is a statistical model based on more than 5 years of scores. Player rankings are calculated by simulating the season repetitively and removing players from the equation and replacing them with players of an average score. Then they were able to calculate how many points each individual player added to his team.

By also factoring a players injury record (after all, what good is a player if he only plays 10 games a season) a computer model of the top players in Europe was made.

No prizes for guessing who came top in the English Premier League. The PFA voters were right to give the accolade to Cristiano Ronaldo (voted PFA Player of the year and PFA young Player of the year). Listed below

Top 7 Premier League Footballers

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United Football Club
  2. Frank Lampard - Chelsea Football Club
  3. Gilberto Silva - Arsenal Football Club
  4. Petr Cech - Chelsea Football Club
  5. Jans Lehmann - Arsenal Football Club
  6. Paul Scholes - Manchester United Football Club
  7. Tim Howard - Everton Football Club

And bottom of the list? Kevin Davies - Bolton Football Club


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