Football passing to make a Coach Drool (Video)

This video shows everything that a Coach can dream of from his team. Individual players can always produce moments of magic but Team work like this is perfected on the training field. The willingness of the players to "pass and move" a well used Football mantra is evident in these videos.

What is so clear is the awareness and unselfishness of the players and the cohesion of the team.

On the training ground one touch football as seen in these videos is the mainstay of practice sessions and it must be an absolute joy for the coaches of these teams to see this type of football transferred from the Training ground to a match day game. Every Manager I played for had a different approach to the game of Football but one thing they would always agree on was this philosophy of passing the ball quickly and moving. When all 10 outfield players do this effectively there is no stopping a team.

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