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What to do and see in Belize. We have just been to Ambergris Caye, Belize for a few days break. This is one of the Tropical Islands off the mainland of Belize. And one of the nightime activities is to feed the Crocodiles in the Lagoon side of the Island. And here is a picture of one of the locals providing some tucker for a hungry croc, something that even Steve Irwin the Crocodile hunter would be proud of.

And while I was chatting to one of the locals from Ambergris Caye, they told me the story of one guy who was hand feeding a smaller croc and lost his finger!!! We certainly don't subject our guests to any risks like this, but the local people just do it for fun.

This reminds me of the time at the Belize Jungle Dome when we had just finished the swimming pool. The kids who live on the other side of the soccer field were dragging a 14' Crocodile along the outside of our fence. They had ropes aroud each leg and its snout with 2 kids on each rope. The boys were between 5 and 13 years of age and all came from the same family. When I stopped them to ask what they were doing they told me they were going to put it in our Swimming Pool.

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Anonymous said...

Damn, that's a big boy!!

Sure takes care of the stray dogs on San Pedro, as well.

CFC in Belize, 4-1

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