Winds of change in the Premier League maybe aren't as strong as I thought

I wrote an article on October 29th about the Winds of change in the premier league. At the time Manchester United had just lost 4-1 to Middlesbrough.

But just 10 days later the league is starting to take its usual format, with the big guns starting to loom on Wigan and Boltons shoulders. Although Chelsea still have a comfortable advantage I was probably a bit hasty in writing off Man Utd. It must be weird for Arsenal and Man Utd to be in the position they are after so many years of domination. I'm sure Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson will be stunned with the catching up they need to do. They used to be fighting each other with their infamous physcological warfare. And now they are having to chase Mourinho, the new kid on the block and that must be hurting their pride.

I wonder why Arsenal sold Viera? Surely they must be regretting that decision. When I played against him I thought he was a fantastic player. So strong and very competent with the ball. He rarely mis-placed a pass and constantly broke the oppositions play up.

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