Jungle Dome Web Project - Part 4

We are getting closer to the final template design for the Jungle Dome. This page shows our "monkey eyes" banner across the top. Each page will have a different 600 X 100 banner running across the top of the page. we have some stunning pictures from Belize and with some editing can create these banners.

Click here to view our Belize Banner Slideshows

The Mayan Symbols will run horizontally across the top of the page, giving the site an ancient appeal. We are trying to find correct Mayan symbols that represent the pages they are hyperlinked to. Under the Images will be the text links. These text links are carefully selected to represent common search terms for Belize Vacations/Holidays.

The main content of the page is going to be edited down from our other site http://www.greendragonbelize.com so that viewers will not have to scroll down the pages to see everything.

There will be one smaller image on each page running a javascript slideshow of 15/20 images relevant to each particular page, so that while you are reading the information viewers can see the images as well.

Still to be added is the Belize Jungle Dome Blog Headline Animator that looks like this ::

Belize Jungle Dome Blog

The text titles of each page will also reflect the common search terms used for people looking for an adventure holiday in belize.

Hopefully by the end of this week this template will be completed and we can start adding all the content.

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Part 2 of the Jungle Dome Web Project
Part 3 of the Jungle Dome Web Project

Richie has also completed the Logo for the side of our vehicles.

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Neil said...

Hey Andy just dropped by and thought I'd say hi. Btw Charlton's amazing away run comes to an end ha...sad

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