Jungle Dome Web Project - Part 5

We are getting very close to the release of our new website www.belizejungledome.com, which although it currently exists it is being revamped with a more stylish design fitting with the Mayan Heritage of Belize. Richie Simpson our Web Designer has been working on converting some of our Belize Images for use on our new site.

I have uploaded some of the banner designs he has used that will appear through the site. As explained in previous posts about the Jungle Dome web project we are using the Mayan Symbols as part of our Navigation scheme for the website.

The template is very nearly completed and we should start bringing over the page content in the next few days. Although Richie has decided to use this weekend to better use, checking out the Belize Tour Guide Olympics at Barton Creek Caves this Sunday.

As for me I am on a golf marathon with one of our guests and will be back on the Roaring River 9 hole course this weekend.

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