What an accolade. I made the Guardian Newspapers feature on RETIRED FOOTBALLERS' STRANGEST JOBS

It seems I have one of the wierdest post Football careers. Other players include :

  • Germany's world and European champion Thomas Hässler : started a record company in 1996. Here's his website :
  • Danish international Ivan Nielsen : Plumber
  • John Connelly, formerly of Manchester United, Burnley and England : Fish and Chip Shop
  • Leeds United and Doncaster Rovers midfielder John Stiles : Comedian
  • Leeds and Scotland goalkeeper David Harvey : Farmer
  • And of course yours truly

Although if anyone reads this from the Guardian Newspaper please change the blog link to this blog, not my Belize Jungle Dome Blog.

The article I recently wrote on my retirement from Football has provoked an unusual amount of interest. I even had Sky Sports Email me today asking me to do an interview. I replied telling them of course I will. When are you coming to Belize? Guy Havord (reporter) declined the offer telling me he was a coward and wanted nothing to do with the Jungle and that he doubted Sky Sports would stump up the cash for a visit. What a bunch of Cheapskates. Get yourself down here. I will give you a Suite and a 10% discount!!! I will even take you to some Central American games.

I would love to see the faces of the local people living around me in the Jungle, if I was interviewed and shown on Fox Sports.

I remember approaching the Sky Sports boss many years ago about developing a website. I always believed that the Internet would be a huge hit from the very early years. I didn't get much of an answer then, although I do see that they have a good site now. Its strange how big businesses were slow to see the benefit of the internet in the early years. I guess innovation is difficult for large corporations to cope with. Although now News Corporation the owners of BSkyB are diving into the web in big style buying up other sites such as Property finder

A good friend of mine works in the record business and lamented on the rise of Napster and other file sharing sites where people can download free songs. Of course everyone wants to see Artists receive their share of profits from record sales but I think the point of this was that larger Record Labels just got lazy and didn't do their research properly. You gotta give the customer the best experience you can and surfing for music is the ideal way to purchase it. Loads of time to enjoy snippets of music without fighting for headphones in shop stores. And the success of Napster and itunes has proved that people will pay for this privilege.

Speaking of itunes my son must be the youngest user of the ipod. At just 3 years old "Dora the Explorer" has become a real hit with Lucas.

Read the Full Articles RETIRED FOOTBALLERS' STRANGEST JOBS from the Guardian :

Part 1 and Part 2

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