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The PFA is a great website for an insight into the goings on of a Professional Football player and is a great read for anyone interested in Football or pursuing a career in football.

The PFAs chairman is my old Charlton Athletic colleague Chris Powell,(Chris's PFA interview) and is packed with information including loads of player interviews.

Chris points to the role of the PFA in his interview which is undervalued and underused by its members (Football players) saying : "I think some players still don't recognise what benefits they can get (from the PFA), how can they be helped with their financial planning and looking ahead to the future, and life outside football".

The website has some short but insightful interviews with Professional Footballers and does not just concentrate on the star names, but goes through the leagues picking the thoughts of players from all over the country. A refreshing change to hear the opinions of players on the fringe of stardom.

It also has a hot seat, currently Stuart Pearce talking about leaving Manchester City, his job, being fired (a brief phone call telling him his services are no longer required), and the future for Pearce.

The website is packed with information ranging from :

Today, the modern game of Football has major concerns over widespread corruption and players would do well to take advantage of the PFA (players union), which offers a fine service to players, whereby they receive representation in contract negotiations, financial advice and post career advice. They do this for a modest fee and quite often in a more professional manner.

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