Top 7 reasons to buy a Football Club

Yet another Premier League takeover is on the cards with Billionaire Mike Ashley buying 41.6% of Newcastle United Football Club, valuing the Geordies at £133.1 million, not quite as much as Liverpools £178 Million but still a vast sum of money. I wrote about why there has been such an interest in the last few years from Billionaires and consortiums in purchasing notoriously bad businesses (Football Clubs) and have compiled a Top 7 reasons list to buy a Club.

Top 7 Reasons to buy a Football Club :

  1. Free Ticket to Home Games and go where you like in the stadium

  2. Entrance to away team Boardrooms

  3. Get to meet the players

  4. Get to buy the players

  5. Bragging Rights

  6. Sit in on Premier League meetings with the high flying big wigs of football

  7. Great Pre-season Holidays with the team

If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments below...

and the Top 7 reasons not to buy the club?

As for the Champions League final. Liverpool got hit with the classic sucker punch. After playing the better football and wasting numerous great attacking positions (how they missed someone like Robbie Fowler), Pippo Inzaghi popped up to show them how to do it with 2 predatory goals, although the first does nothing to prove his goalscoring skills other than his willingness to follow up the free kick and get into dangerous goalscoring areas. Something Liverpool obviously missed.

I rate Dirk Kuyt but so much of his work is done in front of the opposition back 4, contributing much to the teams build up, whereas Inzaghi is constantly looking to get in behind defences, contributing less to the team over 90 minutes, but how much value do you place on 2 Champions League final goals?

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