As I explained in my previous post Lucas had his eye operation in Rochester. We cannot thank the hospital staff enough for all there assistance. Here are some pictures of the team that took care of Lucas. A special thanks to Cindy Gordon. We met Cindy in Belize last year when she was staying at our neighbours Jungle Lodge. Cindy and her colleagues came over for a few drinks after their days work in the Jungle and the surrounding towns. The medical team works for a project called Intervol.

They come to Belize every year to carry out surgery on the local people and to provide free medical assistance where needed. And the amazing thing is that the medical team pays their own air-fare, food and accommodation while they are in Belize. So they volunteer their time and pay for it.

Cindy and her colleagues including Ralph the boss and surgeon, Mike the anaesthesiologist, Peggy the nurse, Jamie from Intervol and numerous other people all live in Rochester, New York.

Here is Lucas and Simone, about to enter the surgery room with the staff. Lucas was given a shot of something about 15 minutes before this picture and was in a very "tipsy" state by the time this picture was taken.

Simone and Lucas after the operation. Two very relieved parents after witnessing their son receive a General Anaesthetic.

I'm sure all parents reading this will be able to understand our fears and worries as Lucas was given a general anaesthetic. But as the picture shows he was fine afterwards leading to a rapid recovery.

Me and Lucas here are discussing the finer points of the "diamond formation" in soccer on a beautiful autumn day in the New York countryside.

Of course I must not forget to thank the surgeon who carried out the procedure Dr Rosengerg, pictured here with Lucas and his colleague.

This is the post operation check up to ensure all went well. Thankfuly it did and we are grateful for his skills and kindness throughout the operation.

And last but not least here is a picture of our fantastic hosts Cindy and Roy Gordon. Their hospitality was brilliant. Roy took me for a round of golf where he thrashed me. We played off the blue tees, which i believe are the championship tees, making every hole as long as it could possibly be. So i posted a less than impressive 117. Roy completed his round in 88, which was as equally impressive as mine was disappointing.

And we cant say enough about Cindy. Her kindness and consideration for us and Lucas was much appreciated by me and Simone. She even organized my Toe operation, although i'm not sure if i should thank her or curse her for that!!! And when the women hit the mall for some recuperation, she gladly accepted the invite for some shopping therapy. And the malls in America are something to be seen to be believed. Cheap, huge and easily fill an afternoon.

Intervol will be coming down to Belize again this year for several visits and we look forward to taking care of them on their return to Belize. Simone will be providing them with some assitance and helping them make more new contacts down in Belize so they can continue their work. It looks like Simones Jaden Foundation and Intervol are going to be doing alot more good work in the coming years aiding with the medical care and education in Belize.

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