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We had another training session last night at the Belize Jungle Dome. We are getting the begginings of a team together now. Last night we had 21 players ranging in age from 7 - 50 years. I have now bought 5 footballs, 5-a-side goals, 2 Floodlights and a large Orange drinks cooler.

Putting the Floodlights up was a challenge. We purchased 2 40' poles which were hoisted up by Tractor and a pully system. Then we had to send one of the guys up the poles to fit the 1600 Watt Halogen lamps. But it has worked and although it could be better (more lights are needed) it's a promising start.

We have had 2 sessions now. Although I have no soccer coaching qualifications it is easy for me to recall the training drills we used to do with Newcastle, West Brom and Charlton. I think it's important to get the players passing and also work on their touch. So most of the exercises are based around this. Then of course we have a game and a small keep the ball exercise to finish, with the losing pair doing 30 press-ups. It's amazing to see how fast players improve when you give them proper training programs. Already they were faster, sharper and more comfortable with the ball.

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