Back to Belize finally

Lucas Zoning out in front of Dora the Explorer with his new pal, Knock the Jack Russell

We delayed our flights from Rochester until today, due to the hurricane. This meant we had an extra few days for some more r & r so i went out for a game of golf with my hosts Tom and Roy. Plus we managed to get some last minute shopping done, as we have to have enough supplies of t-shirt, shorts, trainers etc to last us until next April. We won't be leaving Belize again until then as we have the high season looming

We also went to get our wedding rings. Me and Simone are hardly the most conventional couple and have been agonising about how to best do our wedding. But it seems that it is just going to be so difficult getting our families together. My parents live in Ashill, Norfolk (England), Simones mum lives in Aruba, a small island just north of Venezuala, and Simones Dad lives in Hengelo, in the east of Holland. So we have decided to get married and then figure out later some family get togethers.

I bought myself a new pair of football boots in the USA, getting ready for the world famous Cauwich cup in Belmopan, Belize. My last pair of boots split on my final game before departing for the USA. It left me playing the last 30 minutes barefoot!! I missed yesterdays game yesterday against Roaring Creek, who apparently kicked our team from pillar to post. Glad i missed that one,
but Banana Bank triumphed 5-0 without my skills. I have aged gracefully and accepted that i can't run around like i used to. So i sit in the center of midfield and pull the strings. Not a position i could have ever played as a professional but no problem in a local village league. I had my ingrowing toe-nail removed 2 weeks ago and i think it still needs another week or so to heal so i should be ready for next weeks game. I will get some pictures of the matches and upload them. Its not exactly the Valley or the Hawthorns but still worth a look. Here is a picture of me with the local latinos/creoles. Can you spot me?

I have alot of work to do over the next few weeks, getting our new kitchen delivered to the Belize Jungle Dome. Our Adventure Travel Website gets over 800 hits a day and we are readying ourselves for a very busy high season. Our business is really blooming in Belize and we are one of the leading providers of Adventure Travel in Belize. I have spent the last year studying SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to enable our websites to be seen at the front of the Search Engine listings, enabling us to pick up alot more business than we could ever have hoped for. So if you search for "Belize Vacations" you will see our site at the front of Yahoo, MSN or Google. We also have some very impressive listings on Yahoo and MSN for Adventure Vacations popping up at number 2 in a very competitive market. It has proved to be a very worthwhile study for me and being a bit of a computer nerd has allowed me to learn the intricacies of the internet along the way. A search for "All Inclusive Adventure Vacations" on google also reveals a great front page listing for us.

Our Lodge is set in stunning Jungle surroundings, a great place to relax before heading off on a days exploring doing trips such as ::

Jungle Horseback Riding
Visiting Mayan Temples
Zip Lines
Rappelling through the Jungle Canopy
Cave Tubing
Scuba Diving
Swimming with Sharks
Manatee Watching and much more

Another reason for us to go to Rochester was to talk to Tom and Marge Gallagher the couple we spent several weeks with. They are considering making the move to Belize and buy into our business down here. We have almost completed the negotiations for the Jungle Dome and are vere excited about them coming here. Once they arrive we will have a great team of people and will be able to look at growing the Belize Jungle Dome.

We made some good friends with an organisation called Intervol which i have mentioned in my previous posts. I set up a blog for them at the following address, suggesting they use it as a great tool for letting there members know about the work they are doing. They have already got the hang of blogging and have started another one for their other project Friends Across Borders. Intervol will be visiting us in November to help with the local people who need surgery and medical assistance.

I missed the weekends Premier league football due to being stuck in Rochester, New York. Although i have no allegiance to West Brom or Charlton, i have to say it was no surprise to see Charlton pick up the 3 points.

Charlton really have hit the ground running this year and seem to be a force to be reckoned with this year. I'm sure they will have a good chance of making Europe and even having a decent cup run. As far as West Brom it looks like it will be a tough season but i wish them all the best and hope they can start to pick up some points soon. Anyway now i am back in Belize I can start to plan some football viewing and look forward to tomorrow and maybe some Champions League Soccer.


Anonymous said...

My dear Andy and family,
You are greatly missed by your New York state family. I am so happy that all of you are safely nestled in your home at the Jungle Dome. The picture of Lucas is sweet. Tell him that Cooper misses his buddy, no one is there to give him more "milkbones". The good news we had him to the vet on Saturday and he did not gain a bit of weight. His pictures that he painted for Roy and I still adorn a place on our refrigerator.
Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Although i have no allegiance to West Brom or Charlton?????

What, apart from the fact that you played for them?

Anonymous said...

yes, that one caught me too - legends always have allegiances, Andy, and of course you did play up front...

Anonymous said...

well the bananas still look to have a better ground than smellhurst...

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