Currently I am in Rochester, New York State for an operation for My son Lucas. He has a eye condition known as ptosis (droopy eye lid). Me, Simone and Lucas flew from Belize last week and the operation was completed 1 week ago at Rochester General Hospital by Dr Rosenberg. Thankfully everything has gone ok and after a post op visit the surgeon has informed us that it was a total success.

So now i am on a long overdue vacation. Tomorrow we hope to visit Niagara Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. Should be able to snap some amazing pictures while we are there. Its only a couple of hours from Rochester so we will do it in a day trip. America is currently in the grip of massive fuel price increases, although i have always felt they never quite got to grips with fuel economy (there is a ridiculous amount of SUVs on the road out here, including the ludicrous Hummer). For the first time on US TV i see lots of ads for hybrid cars. Although compared to Europe and especially England i dont think they have much to complain about. I live in Belize, not quite a 3rd world coutry but definitely not one of the most affluent countries of the world. And they pay $5/gallon for regular gas.

So i am sitting in an Internet Cafe in Rochester (Spin Cafe, Park Avenue) as the rain pours down and threatens to ruin our planned BBQ by the lake tonight. I am recovering from an ingrowing toenail operation this morning. 10 years of professional football has finally ruined my big toe on my left foot. A shot of Novocane to numb my foot and 10 minutes later the podiatrist ripped out the nail. Not very pleasant and the pain killer is starting to wear off now. But hopefully the toe will heel fast as i am looking forward to returning to Belize for my evening game of football at the Belize Jungle Dome

I have bought 3 soccer balls here in the USA to take home to Belize for our local footy team. The balls we buy in Belize are very poor quality and onlylast 1 month. I have also had 2 floodlights fitted outside the Jungle Dome for evening football, which is the best time as the temperature cools down a bit. I also bought some 5-a-side nets and have had 2 small goals made. So game on when i get back to the Jungle next week. Here is a picture of me in action against one of our arch rivals Roaring Creek. Always a feisty game.

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