A big hello to all the Charlton fans who have been checking this site out. It seems that word spreads fast, especially thanks to a link on this Charlton Blog.

I tuned into the Man Utd Champions League game with 15 minutes to go yesterday. I was hoping to watch the whole game but forgot it was on. They really seem to be misfiring a bit this season although you really can't rule them out of the premiership especially with such a star studded squad at their disposal. But with Chelsea fielding almost 2 international quality teams, and fergusons early season admission that they can't afford a slow start to this seasons campaign you have to wonder if they have already fallen too far behind.

It seems to me that Chelsea have done to football what Tiger Woods has done to golf. They have really raised the standard and the other competitors are struggling to keep up. The worrying thing is that there really are only a few teams that can possibly compete with Chelsea due to their overwhelming cash backing. Even Man Utd and Arsenal may find life difficult. They have to justify to there board or investors every purchase. Chelsea on the other hand can just rely on the extreme generosity of their benefactor. And while they continue with success on the field you can't really see Abramovich getting bored just yet. It was only a few years ago that people were worrying about Man Utd and Arsenals dominance to the detriment of the premiership. And now its Chelsea that are causing all the concern.

Well back to the reality of the Jungle. Lucas starts his first day in school. He's not 3 yet but we have signed him up for some kiddies classes. It costs us $50 USD a month to send him every morning and the facilities are really great. So this morning I am going to take him into Belmopan for his 3 hour stint.

Last night we had our first evening training session outside the Belize Jungle Dome. I can't really play until my toe has healed so I trained the players. It was good fun and I found myself taking a football training session in my best spanish!! Although Belize is an English speaking country alot of the people who live near us speak spanish. So the words, "mira", "ayuda", "listo" and "passe" were constantly on the tip of my tongue.


SLF said...

Same fans have been on mine too...just got myself put on the Forever Page this morning, and they have been flooding in.
Looks like we are currently 12th and 13th on BlogTopSites!!

Anonymous said...

Im intrigued and delighted to be able to read what Andy Hunt is now up to. I give him unlimited kudos for bouncing back from what must have been a devasting way to end his career with such an adventurous life plan. I loved watching Andy play he was a bit of a cult hero at the Valley.I look forward to reading the latest updates on his colourful new life.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Andy Hunt,
He plays up front.......

Reet Smoot said...

welcome to the wonderful world of Charlton blogging! and congratulations on the new baby

Anonymous said...

Why's Andy Hunt keep referring to football as soccer?

As an Englishman, he should know how annoying that is.....

colin from welling said...

Hi Andy, good to know you're doing well. All the best to you and yours!

Regarding your comments on what Chelsea have done to football, I agree, Chelsea's cash-fuelled domination is very worrying indeed and it MUST be addressed.

When Ranieri was in charge, cos he didn't get it right we all said that money doesn't guarantee success. Correct but look what happened once they combined that spending power with the right manager. Quite awesome.

I want to take nothing away from Mourinho - he is obviously a world class act, but at the end of the day football is a sport and genuine sport is not about outspending your opponents.

Chelsea aren't the first to do it and it would be unfair to make out that they are but they've taken it to new, unprecedented - almost ridiculous - levels and, having seen the outcome, it must stop.

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