Soldiers report from Iraq

Although i don't support the war in Iraq i think that knowing someone who has a relative in Iraq makes it alot more personal. And hearing his thoughts and experiences from the front line really puts into perspective any of lifes other problems. Here is the latest posting :

"....the first soldier from my state was killed this week. He was shot by a sniper while out on a patrol. The bullet went under his left armpit and went through his heart. There was nothing anyone medical could do. A soldier standing next to him was also shot but the bullet caught the edge of his SAPI plate (Small Arms Protective Inserts-part ofthe body armor, a large ceramic/kevlar plate that goes in the bullet-proof vests. It weighs about 20 lbs and there are 2 of them, 1 front, 1 back) and most of the velocity/inertia was lost. He ended up with only a 2"x 3"x 1"deep chunk of muscle torn from his chest. He will probably be back to full duty by OCT.

Part of the problem here is that there is rarely any real direct conflict. An IED (roadside bombs) explodes on our soldiers, a snipershoots at them, a mortar round drops here in the base area and there isno one to fight back at. We raid a village/house and find weapons and remote phones, garage door openers, things used to detonate IEDs, wear rest the men who have them but there is rarely a fight. It is frustrating to soldiers who go out on patrols every day and get shot at or "blowed up" as we jokingly call it that they have no one to fight. The Army calls it low intensity conflict but the soldiers start to feel like a worm on a hook....."

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