Jungle Dome Web Project - Part 3

Richie has mocked up this latest offering for the website, featuring the Jungle Dome and the Mayan Symbols running horizontally along the bottom of the page. We are still not sure whether to run the Mayan symbols vertically or horizontally. Also the Geodesic Dome will probably be rendered in a 3D version so that there is more of an interaction with the web user. Although how that will turn out we are not sure yet.

Although the design is starting to take shape we still have the Search Engine Optimizing to do. This will probably involve creating some hard text links outside of the Flash image that will be the main page. So that the link to our "Vacation Packages" page will be a Mayan Symbol for exploring but there will also be a text link named "Vacation Packages" which is very handy for the Search Engines to understand the page being linked too.

We will also have to carefully create the HTML Title so that it fully represents our business plus has the keywords associated with how a Searcher on the internet will find us. For Instance people will quite likely look for Belize Vacation Packages when they search on Google, Yahoo or MSN. So our Title may be something like "Belize Jungle Dome Adventure Vacation Packages, Tours, Travel and Holidays". These words will be scattered throughout our pages although each page will be optimized for a different set of words. This is how you create a website that is friendly to the Search Engines. This gives a site good placement in the Search Engine results when combined with some good incoming Links from other sites.

Part 1 of the Jungle Dome Web Project
Part 2 of the Jungle Dome Web Project

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