Documenting a Web Design Project

1st draft for a Logo for the Belize Jungle Dome to be used for the side of our vehicles

Myself and Richie Simpson a friend from the UK are working on a new web design for the Belize Jungle Dome. Originally when we set the Belize Jungle Dome website up i kept the old domain name from our previous business in Belize called This site has been registered with all the appropriate Travel Associations in Belize such as the Belize Tourism Board and Belize Hotels Association and as our business developed in Belize so did the website, which is peaking at the moment with 1,500 hits a day.

But we also created the domain name which is more obviously connected to the Belize Jungle Dome business. I got lazy with the initial set up and just used a copy of the same template from the site. But now Richie has landed in Belize he has agreed to help me develop this into a really great site by re-designing it from scratch.

Another 1st draft for the initial page of the website. This is a very early stage but gives you an idea of our first thoughts into the web design

Richie specializes in Animation and manipulation of Images and works alot with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedias Flash Player. The idea for the site will be based around the Geodesic Dome Shape that is so distinctive with the Belize Jungle Dome.

Mayan Symbols

It will also lean heavily on the ancient Mayan history of Belize using many of the Mayan Symbols as hyperlinks to the other pages on the site. We offer numerous Tours in Belize discovering the rich and varied history of the Mayans who populated this area in huge numbers 1,000s of years ago.

So it's very appropriate for us to be using these symbols which have a great significance all around Belize and the Yucatan Region.

These symbols will probably make up a great part of the site providing navigational links to other pages. Richie has been finding the appropriate symbol to represent different parts of the site. For instance the symbol "na" meaning house, may be used to represent the link to the Jungle Dome itself.

I will be documenting the process of building the new site over the next few weeks and months to hopefully its conclusion and the release of a very polished new website.


Anonymous said...

Thanx for not mentioning the footy today.

CFC in Belize

Jakartass said...


I look forward to seeing your Jungle Dome site develop.

We're making slow progress with developing Hotel Rimbo (Jungle) in West Sumatra, but being able to see what you are doing provides inspiration.


(Oh, and thanks too for mentioning the footy! Pity about the Bolton result though.)

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