It looks like our lives are about to change again as we make our preparations for the upcoming high season at the Belize Jungle Dome. With our new investors hopefully moving down early next year, we have decided to move out from the Jungle into the relatively civilized community of Belmopan, the world’s smallest capital city

Simone has been checking out the properties for rent in the neighborhood and we will probably have a glut of rentals to choose from. The US Embassy is under construction and the anticipated influx of foreigners into the area to fill the embassy jobs means that there are some quality new houses being built for rental.

Speaking of new houses, yesterday I went to Spanish Lookout, home of the Mennonites to make the final payment on our new kitchen and by kitchen I mean the building. Total cost including delivery of a 16’ x 14’ wooden building built and delivered to the Belize Jungle Dome will be just over $5,000 USD. It will arrive on Tuesday by truck which is quite a sight. The kitchen will then be placed on 6’ posts and bolted down to secure it. This will almost complete our renovations for the upcoming season.

Tomorrow we have the second round of the football tournament. There will be 4 games at “Black Man Eddy” a small village half way between us and San Ignacio. Simone and Lucas will be coming with me and I hope to get some pictures of the days events to post on the blog. My big toe has not totally healed but I am excited about a game of football after nearly a months break. So I will risk it and try to avoid any crunching tackles during the game.

Checking the premier league results today and it has been a poor day for my old teams. Charlton looked to be sitting pretty with a 2-0 lead but I’m sure the valley faithful will have been very disappointed to see that lead squandered to a rejuvenated Tottenham team. And West Brom just can’t get there season going going down 2-0 at Blackburn. Lets hope that tomorrow Liverpool can do the premier league a favour and take some points of Chelsea to stop the blues runaway train.

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