Dreams are Over - World Cup 2006

For some, the world cup dreams are over. USA depart early. If only they had started the tournament as they finished the final 20 minutes of the Ghana game, with a passion and desire to really win. Of course it is too late by then and congratulations to Ghana for qualifying, although they do have the unenviable task of facing Brazil in the next stage.

Brazil had an early hiccup against Japan, but they just came back so strong in the second half and the display was as good as football gets. They kept the ball for 63% of the match and totaled 16 shots on target with only 7 off target. Thats 70% of their shots making the goalkeeper work. Compare that to Japan who troubled the Brazil keeper with only 33% of their shots.

As a professional you are taught to ALWAYS hit the target. ALWAYS make the goalkeeper make a save. Shots that go high, wide and no-where sometimes look spectacular but are no use to the team. If you shoot between the posts you force saves from the keeper, possible mistakes, ricochets, re-bounds etc and more opportunities to score. So Brazils percentage of strikes on target just confirms the dominance and quality of this team. And they are getting better as the tournament goes by.

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