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I can't believe that I missed the Argentina v Serbia and Montenegro game. All the reports say that the Argentina display was awesome.

With regards to England I think it is easy to get overly disappointed with the performance by the team against Trinidad and Tobago. I want to spread some words of optimism though after seeing many of the other teams perform over the last few days.

Holland beat Ivory Coast 2 - 1
Mexico drew 0 - 0 with 10 men Angola
Sweden beat Paraquay 1 - 0
Brazil beat Croatia 1 - 0

Maybe we are just perfectionists fans when it comes to supporting England. They dominated the game (69% possession) and won 2 - 0. So compared to many other teams (mentioned above) England have not fared to badly. However what we would all give for a display like Argentina gave today.

There are some crunch games coming up soon, which may give us an insight into the future of the trophy. Ecuador v Germany will be worth a look. As will Argentina v Holland. 2 great teams, this could already have been the final. I also think the Mexico v Portugal game has great importance, especially after todays draw between Mexico and Angola. Could Angola make the next round if they beat Iran??

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