World Cup 2006 - USA v Czech Republic

It’s interesting listening to the USA commentary of the Czech v USA game. America is not a power house in world football, yet I am not sure they realize this. It’s one of the few sports in the world that take more than just good sports facilities and training to become one of the worlds leaders.

Football is in the soul of a country, it is spoken about in bars, skills and heroes replicated in school yards by kids, practiced on the recreation grounds and local parks, and generally a very time consuming passion.

The world’s best teams, Brazil, Germany, Argentina, England, Holland etc, have a history of football spanning many decades. It is a part of the fabric of these countries.

So just as the USA has its other major sports such as Baseball and American Football that consume the lives of its sports fans, the rest of the world ponders, argues, and digests a constant diet of news, information and gossip about the world of football. I do not doubt that the USA will become a major force in football, especially with the football crazy Hispanic population in the USA growing fast. They already have first-rate facilities and are beginning to produce some great players, but it will take many more world cups before they can compete with the worlds best.

Meanwhile I think that the Czech team could go along way in this tournament. They have some very talented players, look very solid indeed and comfortably brushed aside the USA team.

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