World Cup 2006 Opening Day - What a corker

Today has been a relaxing day for me at our house in the new capital city of Belize, Belmopan. I have been totally uninspired to Blog over the last month but today has given me the time and motivation to write about the 2006 world cup.

I find it hard to find the time to watch a full game these days due to running a Jungle Lodge in Belize, Belize Travel Agent, plus raising 2 boys, which is always challenging. But I don't need a better excuse to settle in to the 4 weeks of footy and to blog about the upcoming games. The picture is of our guests and a Boa Constrictor that passed by the Belize Jungle Dome

My online research also brought me to some other blogs by footballers, which will be much more interesting to lovers of the modern game. Here are the links :

And on to todays games. Stupidly I missed the first half and the pre-match build up to the opening game due to getting hooked on the Fox Sports coverage on our local cable network. As Sky sports boomed out and I was informed of the latest Cricket scores, ESPN beamed the game live on another channel. My mother-in-law flicked the channels and found the Germany/Costa Rica game just finishing the first half. Happy to tune in and join the other 1.5 Billion worldwide World Cup viewers, I got my first taste of the finals.

Germany do look like a good team and scored 2 top class goals today, even though Costa Rica gave them a fright. God knows how good they will be with the exciting Ballack back in the team. But they are the hot favourites to pass through to the next stage especially after seeing Polands inept performance against Ecuador. Ecuador win all their qualifying home games due to playing at high altitude, but their performance on the road leaves a lot to be desired. But today they played a solid performance against a very unimpressive Poland, who really do have alot to do to make the next round.

And tomorrow I will be up bright and early to tune in to Englands opener. Good luck and lets hope it's a great game.

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