World Cup 2006 - Here we go

I havn't been blogging for a while as we have been really busy with our resort in Belize. But needless to say that life is about to change for the next 4 weeks as men and women all over the world get hooked to the World Cup finals of 2006 in Germany.

Out here in Belize we are 7 hours behind Germany and so our viewing hours are going to be morning and afternoon, if we want to tune into the live games. I am very excited about the prospect of watching the tournament and hope to see some passionate football fans such as the girl in the picture!!!

And we will also be back in the UK in early July so should the unthinkable happen and England make the final then we will be there to celebrate.

My wife is from Holland (this is not her in the picture : i didn't want to put her nipples on the internet) and they are also one of the favourites for the tournament so if they make the finals then maybe we will pop across the north sea and celebrate with the dutch.

Good luck to all the teams and i hope that it is a goal feast with some world class players showing the globe what football is all about.

Thanks to the Newcastle United Website for the Birthday mention :, and thank you to all the old toon fans who have sent birthday wishes.

The opening game of the World Cup is about to start, fortunately on my birthday so I will sit back and soak up the ambience of the World Cup from the Tropics of Central America. Gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll (as they say in South and Central America)

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