Football World Cup 2006 - Shock Result - Ghana 2 - Czech Republic 0

Ghana 2 Czech Republic 0. The first real major upset of World Cup 2006. Ghana played with desire, passion and most importantly composure. They really looked like a team that wanted to win. Sometimes a team just gets it right. The pre-match preparations and the training just come together. For Ghana this happened today. All their players looked on fine form as they gave the No 2 rated team in the world the upset of the tournament so far.

I would not want to be in the shoes of Ujfalusi, the Czech player sent off for presumably dissent. At that point the Czech team had just conceded a penalty and at 1-0 down they looked doomed. Ulfalusi was sent off in the aftermath of the penalty which was consequently smashed against the post leaving the scoreline 1-0 to Ghana. But the Czech team were now down to 10 men against a fired up Ghana side, who took full advantage and played out the rest of the game in comfort.

The last 15 minutes of a game are vital. So many goals get scored as teams lose patience and start to fatigue. I am sure if Ujfalusi had remained on the pitch the Czech Republic would have created some chances in the final few minutes of the game and could have snatched the draw.

This has of course blown the group open now, as Italy and Czech Republic will be playing each other in the final game. As the 2 pre-tournament favourites to go through, this game will be more competitive than either nation would have hoped for.

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