World Cup 2006 - Why are Brazil so good at Football?

It's the turn of the mighty Brazil today to strut their stuff in Germany.

Here is an enlightening Article by the BBC about why Brazil is so good at Football : Click here to read it in full

Some snippets from the BBC story :

"The national football team," says its coach Carlos Alberto Parreira, "is the symbol of national identity, the only time the nation gets together."

"Football is the single most important thing in Brazilian national life"Football in Brazil is like a religion," adds Carlos Alberto Torres, captain of the side that won the 1970 World Cup."

Talking about coaching kids :

"We don't tell eight-year-olds you have to play right-back."

"We don't put them in a cage, say 'you have to be like this'. We give them some freedom until they are ready to be coached."

The Full BBC Article

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