Football World Cup 2006 - Holland v Argentina

Argentina and the Netherlands, 2 supreme teams going head to head to decide the winners of their group. As many people have suggested this game could have been the final, although i'm sure Brazilians and Germans alike would disagree.

They have very contrasting styles with Argentina springing rapid attacks to surprise the opposition and Holland keeping the ball for long periods of play. These sides ooze quality in every position but what is evident is that they both use every inch of the field. Immediately either team wins possession of the ball their players spread wide to the edges of the pitch, trying to split the opposition open. It's extremely tactical and I wish I was in Germany to see the game live. (TV just does not do Football justice).

With such closely matched teams I feel that the yellow/red cards could be a big deciding factor on the outcome. Both sets of players are surprisingly committed (considering they have both qualified) and the cards are being offered frequently by the referee. If one of the teams drops down to 10 players then the other side will have the quality to take advantage of this. This of course applies to all the big upcoming games.

At half time it's 0-0 and I am sure not many goals will seperate these teams.

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