Football World Cup 2006 - Final Group stages

The World Cup is the most amazing tournament. As every day passes the tournament just gets better and better. We see Brazil, then Argentina, England, Holland, Germany etc every day for weeks on end. A great show of different cultures and countries in the stadiums is followed by a feast of Adrenaline fueled action.

The last games of the first group stage are here :

England v Sweden and Ecuador v Germany.

These are 2 very interesting games as Sweden have to go all out for a result as they are not guaranteed a spot in the next round. Add Englands poor history against Sweden and then the fact that it may be best to avoid Germany in the next round and you have 2 great games to watch. If Ecuador beat Germany, then maybe England should just send the minimum of 7 players to the next game so they avoid the Germans.

I still haven't seen Brazil or Argentina play (sometimes you just gotta work). Argentina v Holland will be a must see I think.

The upsets are going to come in Group E and G with a possibility of France, Czech Republic or Italy taking an early bath.

La copa del mundo - gooooaaaaalllllllll

Photo Zone on the official World Cup Website on Yahoo. Loads of great pics from the world cup.

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