Football World Cup 2006 - Mexico 1 v Portugal 2

Phew, who would have been a mexican today. I predicted in an earlier Blog Posting that the Mexicans could be a team to watch in this tournament. I did not think they would be flirting on the edge of dropping out of World Cup 2006, in a group that should have seen them comfortably through.

The Portugal v Mexico game was a "cracker", with both sides in all out attack. A real feast for footy fanatics. I have to comment on the Mexican goalkeepers dancing at the Penalty Kick. He was jumping around on the goal line like he was standing on fire ant nests. Simao would not have been looking at him when he was lining up the penalty. There could have been strippers running across the field and I doubt whether he would have noticed. I took many penalties during my career and was so focused on the kick that nothing could distract me. Even 6' 3" neanderthal defenders whispering sweet nothings in my ear. Or a dancing mexican!!

Mexicos first goal was a defending disaster for Portugal. Normally a team keeps a player on the far post for corners to clear the ball off the line. Not only did they have no player guarding the far post area, but Mexico had 2 players totally free on the follow up.

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