Chelseas reign is over!!!!

I just got a message from CFC in Belize, a Chelsea fan i guess thanking me for not mentioning the Charlton victory against Chelsea in the Carling Cup. Ooops. I forgot about it but now i have mentioned it. Congratulations to Charlton for toppling the mighty Chelsea, an amazing feat for the South London Team and another confirmation of the real threat Charlton appear to have this year.

As for Chelsea! Well i guess it is one trophy they can live without this year. But now will be a true test for the team after a draw with Everton and now a defeat. Every team has a slip up at some point in the year. The test of real champions is how they come back from this. They are not used to losing and it will be hurting them and especially the manager. I'm sure their egos will be bruised so it will be very interesting to see how they react on Saturday. Will they be fighting amongst themselves or will it spur them on too bigger things and create an even tighter unit at the club? Anyway congratulations to the Charlton team.

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