Wigan 1 Newcastle 0

Newcastle United really are unable to get their season going at the moment. I am especially interested as they are one of my former teams and i also played for a long time with Scott Parker, when i was at Charlton and Robbie Elliott during my time at Newcastle United. Scott is a fantastic player, very skilfull and combative. I know the geordie faithful can be a tough crowd to play in front of and i hope he is able to enjoy his time there. It will be a daunting task at the moment due to the very inconsistent start to the season. I think Scott should have stayed with Charlton Athletic instead of moving to Chelsea a few years ago. He would have continued to develop his skills and mature as a player in the premier league with a team that really valued him and when you see the relative positions of Charlton and Newcastle you have to think that Charlton would have been a decent team to have continued playing for.

I stayed with Robbie and his family for a year when i was at Newcastle and he was a good friend in my time in the north east. Robbie always had a few injuries with his knees but when he played he was an incredible full back. Very competitive and i used to cringe at some of the tackles he would make during games and practice. I'm glad to see he is back in the team.

You can hardly even think of an excuse for Souness and the team at the moment. They have spent alot of money, brought in some world class players and yet are still unable to sustain their form. As for Wigan, what an impressive start to their season. After the first few games it looked like an uphill task for them. But they have put together a string of results and now sit proudly in mid-table of the premier league.

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Dan said...

Found your site and added it to "my favorites".
How about posting a schedule of upcomming games your team is playing so i can make some plans on watching.
It was nice meeting you and thanks for the autograph.

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