Sundays cracker at the Belize Jungle Dome was a feisty game with our team Banana Bank hosting Cotton Tree. 3 pm we kicked off as the temperature in the bar roared to 95F. We strode out to another victory, 5-1 this time, aided by a sending off to the other team. Yours truly notched a couple although the heat minimized my efforts to run around. After 3 wins we have now qualified for the next round of the Cauwich cup, so next weekend we get a break. Although i havn't been counting the games, i estimate that the Banana Bank team has now had about 25 consecutive victories. If anyone wants to fly out to Belize and bring a team we are looking for a friendly game next weekend. Round trip airfare runs at about $1,000 USD from England!!!

The weekends premier league results provided a welcome victory for West Brom surprising Arsenal who really are off the pace this year. When i tuned in on saturday to the results, Bolton had just taken the lead at Stamford Bridge. But it was too good to last and i would imagine that Mourinho really earned his few scheckles with his half time team talk. A flying start to the second half put a sharp halt to Boltons aspirations for 3 points.

As i write this article i am watching the Charlton v Fulham game. Charlton really look to have an exciting team this year with lots of attacking options and a committed side. This is the first time i have managed to see my old team on TV and i am very impressed with what i have seen. The pace of the Premier league really is breaktaking at times. The skill levels and speed of passing is something that i can really appreciate as an ex player. Sometimes when you are sitting in the stands or watching it on TV it can look like the players are moving slowly or you can get so frustrated because it looks so easy. But believe me when you are out on the pitch with the pressures of the game upon you, it is a totally different game. Suddenly you don't feel like you have as much time on the ball and the pitch seems so much smaller. It's the same when you take a penalty. The goalkeeper looks so big in the goal and so does the ball. It really is a mind game. You have to block everything out that is surrounding you and focus so hard on the penalty kick. Fans will be cursing you and chanting, other players will try to psyche you out and then of course your mind can start to play tricks on you as you prepare for the kick. This is where 100% concentration is vital.

I have noticed that apart from the physical strength and skills that professional footballers have, another major difference between them and regular football players is the mental approach to the game. Sometimes with the team i play with here in Belize, the players just seem to go weak at the crucial moment. It's almost like they are embarassed to score the goal and kill the other team off. You really need that killer instinct to want to score the goal, make the tackle or dispute a decision.

Me, Simone and Lucas now have a welcome one week break from guests at the Jungle Dome. We have been trying to get Lucas into pre-school without much success. Every time he goes he just cries. We have even signed up his best friend into class so he has a pal to go with. But she got out the car this morning balling her eyes out. So tomorrow morning we will give it one more shot to see if they two of them can handle a day in school.

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