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Hey all,

It has been a tough few weeks in the whole country, with attacks against a lot of civilian targets around Baghdad. Here, insurgent attacks on Iraqi Army units, who can't defend themselves so we run in to try to cover for them. The Iraqi Army is in no condition to take over operations from the US Army.

In the news, Iraq seems to have snuck back to the forefront again as Generals discuss timetables and such with Congress. My cynical political mind thinks that talk about troop withdrawal distracts people from the issues brought to the front at home, and talking about bringing troops home is good, just don't mention it will not be for 5 years or so. Then after the Iraqi election the news can forget Iraq until we hit that magic 2000 number. The way things are going right now 2000 could be reached before Thanksgiving.

As I have said before, one of the greatest hurdles here is, it is not us against them. It is us against them and them and them and them. Well, hopefully everyone is enjoying the Fall. It has not gone above 100 (degrees) yet this week. It is only Sunday though.

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