Watch them Bees!!

A few Bees started to check out a gap in the wooden boards in the outside of the Belize Jungle Dome. We didn't really think much about it and a few weeks passed by and the Bee colony seemed to grow. A month passed and we still didn't do anything. Eventually Simone nagged me enough to sort the Bees out so we arranged to have them removed. And this is what we found above the ceiling in our Pool-Side Junior Suite. Thats alot of Honeycomb and too many bees for comfort!!

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Addickted to Charlton ( Lee) said...

Belize Jungle Dome Honey, another Sideline for you Andy. Who Needs Gales( No pun intended with Wilma on your doorstep) when you have it ready made in your own Loft.

Do you have anything that resembles making Marmite in the Jungle?

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