Googles update has been kind to us at the Belize Jungle Dome

We are preparing ourselves for the upcoming high season here in Belize with a lot of excitement as it fast approaches. Although we only have 3 rooms here at the Belize Jungle Dome we will have between 6-12 people everyday to feed and look after. We aim at the Adventure Travel Market offering exciting trips into the Jungle and to the Tropical Islands of Belize, so most of our guests have full itineraries including visits to Tikal in Guatemala, Actun Tunichil Muknal Caving and Archaeological Adventure, Black Hole Drop Rapelling Trip, Jungle Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving , and loads more trips

Although I was a professional footballer for 10 years my formal training was in the Tourism Industry. I trained for 2 years at the Norfolk College of Arts and Technology in Kings Lynn,Norfolk completing a National Diploma in Business and Tourism Management, before adding a further 2 years of training at Bournville College in Birmingham.

I didn't plan to run a Jungle Lodge in the depths of Belize but I am thankful that during my football years I managed to squeeze some extra education in so I was able to diversify after my career ended in football. I have also taught myself the basics of HTML, which has been invaluable in the development of my business here in Belize. We don't get too much passing traffic in the Jungle and so I set about creating the following Websites to increase our exposure :
Belize Jungle Dome Blog
Simones Belize Blog

This last year I have also self taught myself the relatively new business of Search Engine Optimization a very useful tool for any Web Designers and business owners who want to increase the visibility of their websites on the internet. If you do not appear on the front page of Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines then you are missing out on a lot of traffic to your sites. And over the next few months I plan to develop the sites even further creating a very polished with the aid of a web designer staying with us Richie Simpson.

As the new Tourism season in Belize looms upon us I am happy to say that our main site broke the 1,000 hits barrier yesterday and today has rocketed through this number reaching a heady 1,300 hits as I write this. I think part of the increase in traffic has been the recent "Jagger" Google Update, which in laymans terms means that Googles algorithms (the complicated mathematical formulas that they use to create their rankings) has been very kind to us and has jumped us even higher up the google rankings. We now rank very highly for the term Belize Vacation, which is fantastic for our American market. Also if you search for Belize Holidays we also rank impressively high on the front page of Google. Great for the UK Market.

With only 3 rooms to fill I think we will be having a very busy year!!

Some other interesting Belize Websites :

Belize Tourism Board
Francis Ford Coppollas Blancaneaux Lodge

On another note is was a very sad day to see that the US forces have now surpassed 2,000 deaths in Iraq. Whatever can justify this kind of fatalities is beyond me. And we are not even taking into account the innocent Iraqi deaths, British and other forces out in Iraq. I ridicule Bush constantly in this Blog and would love the chance to meet him or more importantly his puppet masters Bush senior, Rumsfeld or Cheney.

These guys are sitting safe and sound in their ivory towers making decisions of huge global consequences, misleading and deceiving the public of America as the UK public is being deceived by an overwhelming propaganda machine which is struggling to paper over the cracks of an ill-conceived war without any end in sight. I cannot remember the last time i saw George Bush on TV delivering a speech from anywhere other than an Army Base, War Boat, or to his own Army of Cronies who politely applaud his efforts.

Full credit to Tony Blair for being available for comment and criticism even though he must be finding it harder and harder to justify his countries efforts in Iraq. Bush will surely be condemned to a large chapter in history as the man who rocked the world with his Monkey smirk, justifying his actions with a fanatical Christian and patriotic belief to the detriment of all who fall outside his sphere of understanding. I just have this image of him shutting the doors of the whitehouse behind him and laughing with a big fat cigar and a cognac, wondering what he has done wrong. Everyone has a conscience, lets hope dubya finds his one day.

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