Sundays Cracker, Englands World Cup efforts, West Ham United

This sunday we play in the next leg of the Cauwich cup, a local football tournament between the teams in the Cayo District of Belize. There are 2 divisions of 8 teams, although several sides have dropped out already due to heavy defeats. We play a team called Cotton Tree on Sunday, here at the Soccer field outside the Belize Jungle Dome, our Adventure Holiday Resort.

So tomorrow we will be mowing the grass, fixing the nets, preparing the food/drinks for all the teams and liming the lines. It will be a hectic weekend as i have guests arriving too, so i will be up and down the highway to Belize City, plus planning the trips for our guests. We also have 2 families from BATSUB, the British Army Training Camp staying with us on Saturday night, so i am sure they will enjoy seeing some football on Sunday.

I forgot to congratulate England on qualifying for the world cup finals this week. Although i didn't see the games i listened to the news online through BBC Radio. It seems that England really are not playing with much style and their victories in the last 2 games were hardly convincing. Lets just hope that by the time the teams gather for Germany 2006, England will be an exciting team worth watching and in with a great chance of winning the World Cup.

Another congratulations must go to Alan Pardew from West Ham United. It seems that he is in discussions for a new contract with the East London Club, a position that looked highly unlikely at the end of last year as they scrapped into the Premier League.

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Picture is Me and my "gringo" friend John Simpson at the end of the game last week.

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