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I had to laugh when i read the article on this Charlton Blog today. I certainly would not want to give the impression i am playing in the Roy Keane style. Although I do see that he has retired from international football and maybe he will calm his playing style down to mimick my sunday afternoon stroll around. Anyway thanks for the mention.



SLF said...

Just talking you up Andy!!

Zebulebu said...

Hi Andy

Not too sure about the Keano role for you myself either - LOL

Glad everything is working out great for you after footy - its nice to know some footballers have a life and interests outside the game and are fit for summat other than running a pub or being a 'pundit'

Hope that you've completely recovered from your illness and good luck in the future

PS: If you're ever back in Saaarf Laandon you can turn out for my Sunday team if you like :o)

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