Live from the Jungle - Catching Snakes - My new hobby

There i was enjoying an afternoon siesta, when Karen starts screaming from the bar. SNAKE, SNAKE!!! So i jumped up and ran to the bar to see a small Green Headed Tree Snake trapped in the window. We get alot of rodents and frogs where we are and this is a very tasty morsel for a ravenous tree snake. You can see me trying to catch the snake with a slipper which is not my first choice of implement to catch them with. In the end Karen passed me a Broom so i could trap its head and then pick it up. I'm sure i could fill in for Steve Irwin if ever he needs a day off.

This was a harmless snake (unless your a frog)and after taking its picture i threw it into the bush at the end of the swimming pool. All credit to Karen as she held her nerve and took a few pictures of me apprehending the Tree Snake. If you look closely at the second picture you can see the snake had already captured something. Thats probably a small frog inside its belly.

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