Two of my former Clubs go head to head

West Bromwich Albion host Newcastle United today in what is obviously a game of interest to me as I spent a combined 8 years at the 2 Clubs.

Both having very dissapointing seasons so far. For West Brom they must look at their peers such as Wigan and be envious that they cannot sustain a run in the premier league to take them away from trouble. As for Newcastle United, they will see their peers as Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal and although only Chelsea are firing on all cylinders, Newcastle really have no excuses for their league position. With a very expensive squad at their disposal, a huge fan base and what seems to be a bottomless pot of cash they should be challenging. Not this year though.

Thanks for the link from this Newcastle Blog : who seems to have a very extensive list of football blogs.

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Ben said...

Cheers Andy! Just got back from the game - that's the best we've played all season (well, second half at least - first half was a bit turgid). Owen looked sharp - all we had to do was ensure he got the ball a bit. The Baggies were very poor, though. They crumbled completely when we went 2-0 up and on that showing they'll be struggling to stay afloat come the end of the season.

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